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亚搏电影手机客户端_第一阶段最佳阵:上港三人恒大两将 黑马核心入选
发布时间:2021-09-29 01:02:01

In the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League, many players have outstanding performances and have played a key role in their respective teams. Based on various factors such as player status, relevant data and team record, Sina Sports selected the best in the first stage Lineup (3-4-3)——


   Forward: Bakambu (Beijing Zhonghe Guoan)

   forward: bak AM不 (Beijing Z红河GU o按)

Bakambu started 12 games in the first stage (2 games off the bench), not only scored 11 goals, but also sent 5 assists. He is the player with the most outstanding direct conversion effect in the Super League. The facts show that he can make Guoan’s attack line really happy. stand up.


Vanguard: Ma Kang (Hebei Huaxia happiness)


   Malcon is the player who most reflects the strength of a strong center in the first stage. Last season, he scored 11 goals in 26 games for China Fortune, and this season, he scored 11 goals in 13 games (1 off the bench). In the latter part of the first stage, he scored 6 consecutive games.


   Forward: Long Dong (Dalian)


Carrasco’s performance against Dalian team last season was impressive. This season, Long Dong also showed a prominent role. In the first phase, he ranked in the top 3 in total playing time, scored 9 goals and sent 4 assists. For example, a brilliant goal scored by a single soldier after the goalkeeper passes the ball is enough to become a model for the Super League.


   Midfielder: Oscar (Shanghai SIPG)


   On the importance of one person to the team, Oscar is still the most prominent representative of the Super League. In the first stage, he played 12 games, sent 8 assists, scored 5 goals, and ranked in the forefront of many lists such as passing, passing and passing threats. He is an irreplaceable SIPG engine.


Midfield: paolinio (Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao)

midfield: 抛离你哦 (Guangzhou ever Gran的taobao)

Paulinho started all 14 games in the first stage. He is the player with the most minutes played by Evergrande. He ranks in the top 6 of the Super League. He scored 9 goals, forming a strong force for Evergrande to deal with various situations in the midfield and frontcourt. Guaranteed and sent 2 assists.


Midfield: Matthews (Shijiazhuang Yongchang)

midfield: Matthews (Shijiazhuang Yong长)

   Foreign players with outstanding performance are not uncommon in the Super League, but at 37 years old, foreign players who still perform well and are mainly based on physical fitness and propulsion are rare. Matthews can be described as a phenomenal player in the first stage! He started 8 games for Yongchang (4 games off the bench), scored 3 goals and sent 5 assists. Both technical ability and leadership spirit are worthy of praise.


Midfield: Adrian mezeyevsky (Chongqing Contemporary)


At the end of the first stage, it came out that Adrian was rented out. This is related to the particularity of the season and the specific situation of the team, and it is directly related to Adrian's outstanding performance. He started 10 games (substitute 1). Field), scored 6 goals, sent 4 assists, led Dangdai to end the first stage of the event with 6 consecutive victories, and grabbed tickets for the championship group.


Guard: Wang shenchao (Shanghai Shanggang)

guard: Wang申超 (shanghais杭钢)

In previous seasons, Wang Shenchao’s "all-rounder" characteristics have formed an important impetus for SIPG. This season, his "post-insertion" has become a major killer in SIPG's offense. In the first stage, he started 11 games (substitute 2 games), scored 3 goals, sent 2 assists, and ranked in the top 10 in steals.


Guard: Park Zhizhu (Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao)


   Evergrande tried a variety of combinations on the back line in the first stage, and the position of Park Ji-soo was fixed. He started 13 games. Compared with the number of clearances ranked in the top 15 of the CSL, it is more worthwhile to understand that Park Zhizhu has the most passes of Evergrande and can be ranked in the top 7 of the CSL. He is already an important link between the backcourt and the midfield of Evergrande. Link.


Guard: Tong Lei (Dalian, U23)

guard: tong lei (Dalian, U23)

Catering to the expectations of fans and public opinion for the emergence of new players in the league, the 22-year-old Tong Lei has become the most obvious local player this season. In the first stage, he started 13 games and played the most active full-back performance. He sent 3 Second assists, the cross data ranked in the top 4, the most local players, also ranked in the top 3 in the steals list.


Goalkeeper: Yan Junling (Shanghai Shanggang)

goalkeeper: Y案Jun另 (shanghais杭钢)

Yan Junling played 13 games in the first stage. Compared with other team goalkeepers, his save scene is obviously not big, but Yan Junling's stability is very outstanding. On this basis, he has demonstrated a decisive role in resolving danger in many games. It was this performance that matched the status of the "national gate" that made SIPG the team with the fewest goals in the first stage.


  The best in the first stage of the Super League——


Best player: paolinio (Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao)

best player: 抛离你哦 (Guangzhou ever Gran的taobao)

We have been lamenting the importance of Paulinho to Evergrande for several seasons. This season, Evergrande has encountered various situations due to injuries, the state of the core players, and the peculiarities of the first stage of the event. Paulinho has played a more important role , He is the biggest guarantee for Evergrande to let go of the rotation lineup, and it is the courage factor for Evergrande to re-explore the midfield frame, and through scoring directly played a role in helping the midfielder to sort out and ensure combat strength. In the new era, Evergrande's frontcourt and backcourt cores are changing, and the midfield leader is still a violent bird.


  Best Coach: Zhang Wailong (Chongqing Contemporary)


Zhang Wailong established his name in the Super League based on the "7-second theory" under the idea of ​​defensive counterattack. The special circumstances of the Super League this season almost made him lose the platform for his traditional skills. The contemporary all-China class played in the early season, followed by the return of foreign aid. Looking for a sense of actual combat with the whole team, Zhang Wailong led the team to play Lien Chan's performance in the end of the first stage under the unfavorable situation of ranking at the back of the standings. His choice and adjustment of key positions in the lineup was positively rewarded. In-depth proof that he is an "easy foreign teacher" in the Super League.


  Best Team: Chongqing Modern


   6 consecutive victories, is the best record trend in the first stage of the Chinese Super League, belongs to the contemporary! It is even said that if the first stage does not end here, it may continue to be continued in a contemporary state and aura. This is hard to imagine before the season. The expectation for a strong winning streak is generally aimed at the recognized champion team. Fans’ public opinion is also talking about the grouping profile of “Group A is relatively stronger and Group B is slightly weaker”, but The Group B, which is recognized as the starring role of SIPG and Guoan, has brought Lien Chan's strength to the league, adding an absolute highlight to the league.

连续6场胜利,是中国超级联赛第一阶段的最佳战绩,属于当代!甚至有人说,如果第一阶段没有在这里结束,它可能会继续以当代的状态和光环继续下去。这个赛季之前很难想象。对强劲连胜的期望通常针对公认的冠军球队。球迷的舆论也谈论“ A组相对较强而B组稍弱”的分组情况,但是被公认为SIPG和国安主演的B组将连战的力量带到了联盟,这绝对是联盟的亮点。

  The most concerned group: referee


亚搏网页登陆   Referee is an indispensable component of football matches, and it is a key point that cannot be bypassed in the Super League. Under the game system nature of the first stage of the event, local referees have obtained a stable and continuous enforcement stage, but they have led to clues that have been continuously heated. Even VAR, a technical means for more accurate and fair judgments, has also become more discussion. Point tool. In the first stage of the competition, no player or team has ever received the referee's continued heated treatment, and the referee has become the most concerned group.


(fire of wood)


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